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Videos: DVD Volume 2
Check this shit out. I got a letter from this dude. He ask me to face fuck is neighbor real hard, tap her pussy and bang her asshole. Then he tells me to lock the bitch in her basement so he can steal her shit. He promises to give me 50% after he fences the loot. Can you believe that shit? 50%, fuck that Videos: DVD Volume 2

Videos: DVD Volume One
See what happens to bitches that write to porn star Lorenzo Loretto. These everyday whores become porn stars before your eyes! Hardcore ass fuckin', pussy pounding and face fuckin' are Lorenzo's way of reaching out to his female fans. He even makes them lick his ass! How's that for fan devotion?! This film contains two episodes. Videos: DVD Volume One

Stars: Lorenzo Loretto, Candy Fuller, Jacke Ross, Meeka Weks, Stacy Anderson

Videos: Episode 7 - My Kinda Hoe
Bitches write in…and bitches get fucked at Finally a man whose dick matches up to the size of his ego. He fucks bitches in the asshole, he makes bitches gage on his dick, and he tears the pussy up. A hat trick feat that defies all common decency. Enjoy and be envious!!! Videos: Episode 7 - My Kinda Hoe

Stars: Lorenzo, Mia Toy

Videos: Episode 8
In Episode 8, Lorenzo provides a revenge fuck for one of our solders in the armed forces. Lorenzo is asked to test the loyalty of a soldier's bitch. She fails the loyalty test but passes the rough sex lesson with flying colors. This episode alone is over a half hour. Rough sex fans will love this one. Videos: Episode 8

Videos: Episode 9
Lorenzo Loretto just wants to keep it real. He dont give a crap what these girls want or what makes them feel good. He dont want to make love – he just wants to fuck some bitches!!! Lorenzo keeps his Timbs on and screws this girl silly and as always he keeps it real!!! Videos: Episode 9

Stars: Lorenzo Loretto, Shannon Davis

Videos: Episode 10
In this edition, Lorenzo answers yet another piece of fan mail and takes another request. This time it's a bitch that has written in saying she would like to fuck Lorenzo but she doesn't suck cock or eat ass! Lorenzo knows the bitch is lying so he does what he does best - he shows everyone that she does know how to suck dick and eat the brown star! Another great episode of! Videos: Episode 10

Stars: Lorenzo Loretto, Skeet At'ems, Melanie Woods

Videos: Episode 12
Lorenzo may have lost her letter, but he fucks Shelly Dawson next to the highway hard. Shelly struggles to get Lorenzo's dick all the way down her throat and then up her ass! Finally she ends up with a huge load splattered across her face. Bitches write in…bitches get fucked! Videos: Episode 12

Stars: Lorenzo Loretto, Shelly Dawson

Videos: Episode 11
Lorenzo gets a letter from Mike in the Bronx telling him about this pretty hoe named Kimmy Lopez. She's a freak but only for the money dudes. She doesn't even speak to the fellas that adore her in the hood. Watch as Lorenzo gives Ms. Lopez a lesson in rough sex and submission. Kimmy learns pretty bitches get fucked hard too. Slapping, Face Fucking, an intense man ass eating session, pussy plunging and ass fucking abound in this episode of Enjoy. Videos: Episode 11

Stars: Lorenzo Loretto, Kimmy Lopez

Videos: Dear Episode 13
Lorenzo gets this letter from a bitch named Meleeka. She says she wants to get fucked by Lorenzo but doesn't have much to say. That's just fine with Lorenzo because after a few minutes of showing her ass to you guys he stuffs his dick in her mouth. Then things get really interesting because this episode is Videos: Dear Episode 13

Videos: Episode 14
Remember Melanie Woods, she was the bitch from Episode 10 that wrote in to Lorenzo claiming she didn't suck dick or eat ass. Once she met Lorenzo all of that changed. Lorenzo and Skeet At’ems spent so much time fucking her face Videos: Episode 14

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